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Opportunities in the Retail Industry
Putting The Seven Marketing Keys Into Practice

For minority businesses, it’s not enough to simply exist. The “build it and they will come” campaign last worked successfully for the movie Field of Dreams. In reality, no one will know that you’re there or what you can do for them without smart marketing.

Fortunately, the principles of good marketing are not rocket science. They take discipline to apply, but they can be understood even if you don’t have a deep marketing background. Divided into seven “keys,” these principles outline the strategies firms need to spread the word and thrive. The marketing keys can also help you get started with your marketing efforts, leverage modern media channels, manage clients, and find the keys to your continued success as a minority firm.

The Basics Of The Seven Keys

The seven keys of marketing, or more properly, “The Seven Keys to Marketing Genius,” are explored in one of six books by noted marketing expert Michael Daehn. His clients have included Walt Disney, Nordstrom stores, Monster.com, and FranklinCovey. Out of his work, he distilled his marketing knowledge into seven keys for a successful marketing campaign:

• Find your advantage
• Define your purpose
• Create an image
• Implement promotions
• Build relationships
• Gain feedback
• Adjust to changes

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