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Work Life
The Role of Spirituality in the Workplace: The Implications and Benefits

Understanding the role spirituality plays in workplace excellence and work/life balance among workers and leaders alike.

At a time when there is an uproar regarding spirituality and religion in the nation’s schools, progressive employers are beginning to understand the positive influence spirituality and religion has on their employees. Strong leadership grows from a healthy work/life balance and those who are spiritually driven often strive for that equilibrium.

Employees who have a sense of spirituality or follow a religious belief will have a higher sense of job satisfaction as long as their job does not conflict with their values. Many stable families have spirituality or religion as their cornerstone and this often translates into excellent performance at work.

Men and women in leadership roles, both as small business owners and as leaders in a larger organization, benefit in various ways when spirituality is a part of their lives and is allowed to find expression in the workplace.

More companies are now providing areas for employees to meditate, pray, or read without discrimination or disturbance. This lends to the understanding there is a positive correlation between worker productivity and satisfaction, and the acceptance of spiritual diversity among the workforce.

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