A Missed Opportunity at the State of the Union

On Jan. 30, President Donald Trump made his first State of the Union Address to both Houses of Congress, the American people, and people of the world. Traditionally, this address is used by presidents to tout their accomplishments from the previous year and to paint a vision of the future for their administration and the country.

In the speech, President Trump laid out his four-point plan on immigration reform. He talked about the continued progress of the U.S. economy and took credit for the lowest African—American unemployment rate in history, claim that is at best only half true. The black unemployment rate has been declining since 2010. He also promised to increase the war on drugs, on terror, on gangs, on trade, and on America’s standing in world affairs. He also promised to bring America together.

I could spend the space in this column criticizing the speech for blatant errors, but I would prefer to point out the missed opportunity the president had to talk...

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