Addressing Unconscious Bias and Conflict in the Supply Chain

Wherever there are people, there is unconscious bias. That one fact means the supply chain is likely being negatively impacted at every stage of operation in some manner and to some degree. It is an element of potential conflict.
By Valerie Gomez

Unconscious bias has no barriers. Where there are people, unconscious bias exists. As related to supply chains, the unconscious bias is found in supplier diversity executives who influence staff members and other executives and managers, stymying the development of a truly diverse and inclusive supply chain.

The decision-making that is driven by unconscious bias against diverse business owners can also impact supplier relationships even (or especially when) diverse suppliers are utilized. Negative leadership begets negative relationships, meaning suppliers are less likely to develop collaborative partnerships. If non–diverse–owned suppliers also have unconscious bias against the utilization of MWBEs, th...

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