Argentina Remains a Meat Lover’s Paradise

Argentina is a meat-loving country with a long list of specialties that redefine ‘savory.’ Meat rules over most meals!
By John Jacobs

Argentina’s iconic gaucho is an image most people are familiar with, even if they have never been to this South American country. The gaucho or cowboy represents the roots of the beef industry that began with sprawling cattle ranches and led to Argentina becoming a major beef exporter.

Beef is a national food and delights the palate in a variety of ways – grilled, roasted, minced, deep fried, barbecued and stewed. It is not the only food, of course, but sometimes it seems that way. That is just fine for Argentinians who take great pride in their meats and cooking styles.

Mediterranean Influences
The Spanish colonized Argentina in the 16th century, and Europeans, mostly from Italy, arrived during 1880-1890. The result is Argentinian cuisine has a distinctive Mediterranean influence.

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