Building a Procurement Function to Deliver an Excellent User Experience

Procurement practices play a big role in enhancing user experience (UX) by helping organizations bring product plans and designs to fruition.
By Betty Armstrong

The procurement function is a critical function in every organization, yet it remains on the sidelines in many respects. Departments design products and services, and procurement enters in the middle or end of the process. Handed a set of completed specifications, the sourcing and buying staff bring the product to life through RFPs issued to find the appropriate vendors and materials.

If the goal is to create products offering the ideal User Experience (UX), procurement practices should support the effort from beginning to end in two ways. One is to create a UX for the organizational members who access procurement systems and work with procurement staff. The second is to include procurement in end-to-end processes with the goal of maximizing the seven factors of the end UX.


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