Changing the Equation: Moving Women of Color into Leadership Positions

Women of color continue to face persistent workplace hurdles that are born from bias. It is keeping qualified and talented women out of leadership positions.
By Betty Armstrong

Organizations say they understand the importance of diversity to business success. There are certainly enough diversity statements posted online and published in a variety of media materials. Yet, women of color continue to struggle to overcome conscious and unconscious bias, keeping them out of leadership positions in business, government and education.

Affirmative action and Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) programs have not worked well for these women, proving the subtle and insidious nature of bias. Other reasons women of color continue to be excluded is due to hostile work environments and stereotyping (a form of bias).

Unfortunately, there are always ways to keep people out when certain groups are viewed through a lens of bias that clouds their judgement and decis...

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