Cognitive Bias: Overestimating Outcomes in Golf and Business

One of the toughest challenges a golfer faces is making reasonable estimations as to how far the ball will go. In business, overestimating success can have the same results – coming up short on outcomes.
By Vincent Pane

Cognitive bias is frequently discussed within the context of the Human Resources function, but it comes into play in many other ways. Recent data indicate golfers exhibit cognitive bias when they persistently overestimate how far they can hit the ball. The overestimation drives a series of decisions, like the choice of golf clubs and the power put into the shot.

This same kind of cognitive bias impacts business decision-makers when they persistently overestimate possible outcomes.

In both cases, the end result is disappointing and confusing. Optimism is a good quality, but it needs to be based on facts.

Landing Short
Arccos is a company that sells golf performance tracking systems that produce analyti...

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