Corporate Strategic Opportunities and Supplier Diversity Information

I served on a panel during the Canadian Aboriginal Minority Supplier Council (CAMSC) conference in Toronto with Lotti Robertson Hammons of FCA, Victor Chew of Penda Productions and Marcia Seymour of TD Bank. The title of the session was “Diversity is Our Strength: Turning Diversity Data into Strategic Opportunities.” Supplier diversity professionals in attendance were most likely looking to me for a discussion on the importance of spend data, economic impact information and connecting this data to the corporate supplier diversity strategy. These are very important and relevant topics. Economic impact, in particular, is something I have been spending a significant amount of time researching, speaking on, and consulting with large organizations as they attempt to justify and promote the work of supplier diversity professionals.

As I prepared my remarks, I could not help but think that the title needed editing. Instead of “Turning Diversity Data into Strategic Oppor...

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