Developing a Tech-Based Value Producing Procurement User Experience

Procurement is getting a lot of attention today as business leaders recognize the value an integrated end-to-end process brings. To maximize results, focus is on creating a great user experience (UX) through technology.
— By Sharon Ross

The term "User Experience" (UX) is mostly thought to refer to the overall customer experience, but it applies to any situation in which a group of people are serviced via a website or computer application. A great UX is one in which the technology is pleasing to use and produces the desired results.

As technology continues to permeate all business functions, it makes sense to approach the buildout of technologies in procurement from the UX perspective. Procurement is rapidly transforming into a function that plays an expanding and central role in the ability of organization business leaders to achieving goals that range from meeting budgetary constraints to finding and utilizing qualified and innovative dive...

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