Earth's Gems: The Spectacular National Parks of Croatia

Croatia is filled with national parks that take your breath away. It is an array of scenery offering mountains, coastal bays and inlets, and beckoning islands in the Adriatic Sea.
By Pamela Grant

Fresh air … sunrise in the mountains … gurgling waterfalls … chirping birds … and a world where nature still rules. If this sounds enticing, then think of Croatia which has eight national parks, each one beautiful and inspiring.

Once a land of turmoil, it is now a haven for ecotravelers with its many parks, location on the Adriatic Sea, hundreds of islands, and bountiful resources. It is difficult to avoid waxing poetic about Croatia because of the beautiful landscape and abundant wildlife.

It is a country focused on developing sustainable travel in order to protect its natural bounty, especially as the world increasingly discovers this beautiful destination.

From Blue Sea to Mountains to Plains
Croatia is made up of moun...

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