Embracing Businesses in the Effort to Close the Income Gap

Income inequality is increasing in the U.S., and closing the gap will require the participation of America's businesses. There are multiple approaches that can bring significant results.
By Gerald Donald

Income per capita is a number often reported as a measurement of a country's economic status. Though an important number, it does not inform people as to how income is distributed. In the U.S., income inequality continues to grow. It is a problem that is not easy to fix and will require the combined efforts of social support organizations, government agencies, and businesses.

People are increasingly turning to businesses because they are part of the problem and solution at the same time. This is one reason why minimum wage employees are marching for the $15 per hour minimum wage. The business employs low-skilled workers but also has the ability to pay an hourly rate that provides a living wage. There are many ways businesses can reduce the rate...

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