George Washington, and the Disease That Threatens Democracy and Diversity

“The disorders and miseries and repose in the absolute power of an Individual and sooner or later the chief of some prevailing faction more able or more fortunate than his competitor turns this disposition to the purpose of his own elevation on the ruins of public liberty.” George Washington, Sep. 19, 1796 “Farewell Address to the Nation”
-- by Dr. Fred McKinney, Ph.D.

Carlton Highsmith Endowed Chair for Innovation & Entrepreneurship Director,
People’s United Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship School of Business,
Quinnipiac College

George Washington, assisted by his “right-hand man” Alexander Hamilton, penned in his “Farewell Address to the American People in September 1796, a 32-page statement that every American looking for solace and a profound understanding of how dangerous the times are that we are currently experiencing should read. All of the principles and goals the diversity community h...

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