Going 'Out' to the Family Islands of the Bahamas

Nassau is one of the most well-known vacation destination islands in the world, but for ecotravelers there are natural gems sparkling in the Bahamas' Out Islands.
By Pamela Grant

the Berry Islands…

If you have not heard of them, it is not surprising. They are a few of the Out Islands of the Bahamas and remain a fairly well-kept secret. Most people are familiar with Nassau, the capital city of the Bahamas that is located on the Grand Bahama Island, but they are not familiar with the Out Islands, even though they offer ecotravelers a natural environment that is beautiful, carefully preserved, and accommodating to visitors.

The Bahamas are more than a couple of islands attracting tourists. It is a Caribbean archipelago consisting of 700 islands set in the brilliant blue sea of the western Atlantic Ocean. The Out Islands include all the islands except for the Grand Bahama Island and New Pro...

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