Great Britain's Cotswolds Region is an Eco-Traveler’s Haven

Nestled in England's south is the Cotswolds region. It has everything an eco-traveler desires, offering opportunities to experience history, natural landscapes, traditional food and walking paths for healthy touring.
By Pamela Grant

Eco-travelers often have several goals in mind when they choose their next spot to satisfy wanderlust. They include enjoying picturesque unspoiled beauty, getting glimpses into the history of the location, savoring culturally inspired foods, and finding opportunities to exercise while pursuing all of the goals mentioned.

In today's world, finding one location that offers everything an eco-traveler desires is getting more difficult because of over-development, environmental damage due to over population and global turmoil. One answer to this dilemma is found in south England's Cotswolds region which has retained it beautiful rural landscape, charming culture, and history, while also offering plenty of opportunities t...

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