Hearty and Delicious Describe Slovakia's Traditional Foods

Slovakia has preserved its culture and separate identity over the centuries, even as other countries claimed the country for their own. Today, the food culture serves as a reminder that people embrace their uniqueness as a matter of pride.
By John Jacobs

Slovakia is a country with strong rural roots, and that has had an enormous influence on the traditional food. There is no Slovak food, per se, but that is because the cuisine is hearty farm food that was meant to feed hard working farmers and to use local ingredients.

Do not confuse farm food with ordinary food though. Traditional Slovak meals are rich in flavor and make extensive use of thick filling sauces, meats, cheese, potatoes, and other filling ingredients. It is food that reflects an agricultural past with a healthy dose of Hungarian and Austrian influences added, and a dash of German.

Simple but Filling
Many people have heard of Slovakia but cannot pinpoint its loc...

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