Influencer Marketing: Building an Online Brand Through Creators

Influencer marketing was born out of social media, but it is more than just finding someone with a big following. It is about partnering with creators and finding loyal followers.
By Karen White

Marketing via social media is now a critical advertising path, but it is proving to be an evolving journey. During the last decade, companies first strived to build their own loyal following on one or more social media sites, and some brands formed partnerships. Companies began using celebrities to attract followers, similar to what they had been doing for years on television. As social media grew, so did influencers, people who have large numbers of followers, and big brands took note.

Influencer marketing, promoting brands through social media influencers, is still a work in progress, but it is here to stay. In fact, future trends indicate it will continue to grow as a marketing strategy. Companies will not simply look for people with large numbers of...

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