Lessons from the Tee: Golf Industry Strives to Attract Millennials

Some industries remain challenged when it comes to attracting millennials. The golf industry is one of the most challenged, so therein is found some guidance when the going remains tough.
By Vincent Pane

The golf industry has been going through a lot of soul searching as it tries to figure out how to attract millennials to a game that is built on tradition and has a reputation as being a bit (shall it be said) stodgy. Millennials are anything but stodgy, nor are they traditionalists. They are informal, like things to happen quickly, embrace change, and enjoy entertaining variety. The golfing industry has been struggling to figure out what changes it needs to make to attract the younger generations to the game.

Remarkable millennials are already winning championships, but golf clubs and parks are meant to appeal to the regular golfer, and it is those types of golfers that are not appearing in desired numbers. Yet, successful strategies are bei...

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