Maturing of ERGs for People with Disabilities into Business-Focused Groups

The trend is for employee resource groups to mature into business resource groups that add measurable value to the business. This is a trend that will play a major role in helping others overcome bias against people with disabilities.
By Jeremiah Prince

An employee affinity group is formed by people who have shared interests, like people with disabilities. The affinity groups are usually initiated by employees, and they have played a big role in providing the support that employees with disabilities need in a world in which bias remains a challenge to overcome. The limited scope has been expanded as affinity groups transformed into employee resource groups (ERGs) and then business resource groups (BRGs).

For the disability BRG, the broadened scope means members are, in addition to the original goals of the disability affinity group and disability ERGs, also focused on aligning their goals with strategic business goals and creating measurable bene...

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