Measurements as Tools for Driving Utilization of Minority Women-Owned Suppliers

Minority women have been starting new businesses at an astonishing rate over the last two decades. Organizations that truly believe diverse suppliers are important to success will develop new metrics that drive their inclusion in supply chains.
By Gerald Donald

A good question to ask procurement decision-makers is this: Do you know how to improve gender diversity in the supply chain? There is a good chance most people will say they do not, and therein lies the foundation of lack of change.

Organizations often have good intentions. But if they do not have people who understand how to source diverse women suppliers, and the responsible people are not held accountable through a variety of measures, change is unlikely. Metrics, measurements, analytics or whatever they are called are forms of data that offer hard facts. Conducting a survey of managers to assess their understanding of supplier diversity is just one element of supply chain management.Read full article or Subscribe