Putting a Price on Carbon as a Means of Improving Quality of Life

Putting a price on carbon emissions is a strategy for progressing toward a decarbonized economy. The strategy is being implemented around the world in a variety of ways, and ultimately the goal is to improve the quality of life.
-Donna Benjamin

There are many ways to address climate change and environmental sustainability, and one of the most important strategies is minimizing carbon emissions. The emissions impact nature in a variety of negative ways, from contributing to global warming to increasing ocean acidification. Reduce carbon emissions, and a positive domino-effect is created.

Putting a price on carbon is a major strategy for reducing carbon emissions, and there are different pricing schemes being used. The two most common are implementing a carbon tax or implementing an emissions trading system. There are now 42 countries and more than 25 provinces, states and jurisdictions with carbon pricing programs in place.

Though putting a...

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