Seychelles: Where Tourism and Environmentalism Develop a Friendship

Seychelles is an enchanting archipelago filled with talcum-powder beaches and rare plants and wildlife. It is also sinking due to climate change, threatening one of the world’s most pristine environments.
By Pamela Grant

Off the coast of east Africa, on the Indian Ocean, sits an archipelago of breathtaking granite and coral islands in the Indian Ocean. They are islands that contain natural treasures, but they are also the poster child for the impact of rising oceans due to climate change. The 115 islands of Seychelles have been called magical, beautiful, a haven for marine life, and one of the most ecologically interesting places on the face of the earth. Unfortunately, the islands also serve as an example of the tremendous loss of environment that is occurring as a result of climate change and rising oceans. For now, the white beaches lapped by the azure ocean waters, lush tropical jungles, unique biodiversity, and idyllic lifestyle are intact, making t...

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