Shedding Complacency to Tackle Global Political and Economic Risks for MWBEs

In the business world, political risks are the risks to investments created by government actions that could include events like elections, laws and regulations, economic mismanagement, special interest groups, and external political tensions. Economic risks are the macroeconomic circumstances that can lead to business losses. They include conditions like inflation and exchange rates, interest rates, minimum wages, taxes, and market prices.

Now put the two together to create a realistic picture of the global business world. Political risks and economic risks are in a constant state of interplay. For example, government-imposed tariffs impact the cost of materials.

In another example, the United Kingdom's decision to leave the European Union has created economic uncertainty. Just recently, Boris Johnson was elected the new Conservative leader and became the next UK Prime Minister on June 24, 2019. He won based on his promise to complete the exit from the European U...

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