Taking Cues for Offensive Business Strategies from Offensive Golf

There is a fine line between offensive versus aggressive strategies in golf and business. Finding balance is the path to competitive success.
By Vincent Pane

Playing all-out in business has its risks, and the same thing is true in golf. Play aggressively in business, and the approach can lead to a larger market share or new markets, or to missing the cut. Play aggressively in golf, and there is a chance of outshining the competition or missing the cut.

Finding balance between aggressive and assertive is not always easy in business or golf, but that is the path to minimizing risks while striving to win a championship or grow a business. Successful business leaders and golf champions develop offensive strategies for success rather than responding defensively to the competition.

Taking a Hard Swing
In golf, players can choose to play it safe, but they usually do not end up winning major tournaments. It is one reason a new kin...

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