The Seductive Quality of Vietnamese Food Reflects an Ancient History

Vietnamese food seduces the taste buds with a rich variety of fresh herbs and other ingredients brought together to create unforgettable flavors. The food has been shaped by a variety of cultures, creating a unique cuisine that the world has come to love.
By John Jacobs

Most people have visited their local Vietnamese restaurant because Asian food is immensely popular. Thoughts of Vietnamese food makes one think of noodles in flavorful broth and vegetable-filled spring rolls, but the food culture of this enduring country includes many other options.

The country is long and narrow, so the cuisine that has developed over the centuries is distinctly regional. It is a bit like comparing the food of New York to the food in Florida. North to south, there are different growing seasons and different cultural influences from neighboring countries and invaders from long ago.

The two items that tie all the regions together when it comes to food is ri...

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