Think of Prior Mistakes before Saying ‘Fore’ or ‘Deal’

Ready to swing the club or complete a business deal? Either way, you need to learn from prior mistakes to increase the odds of winning.
By Vincent Pane

It is frustrating to watch someone repeatedly make the same mistakes, whether playing a golf game or conducting business. Making mistakes is human, but not learning from mistakes is foolish.

An old expression says you cannot keep doing the same thing and expect different results. When you keep making the same mistakes and fail to learn and improve, the “mistakes” morph into poor decision-making with dramatic consequences.

Is there a golf hole where you consistently triple bogey? Do you continually fail to win bids with a particular company? Is your golf game played strategically, and do you think of the big picture when considering a new deal? It is so easy to fall back on a certain way of thinking and to be surprised when the results are less than desirable.

Faulty Assumptions ...

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