Million Women Mentors Entrepreneur Initiative (MWM-Ei) Mentor Program IS Growth

WASHINGTON-- Testimonials of entrepreneurs' mentoring success come from the Wells Fargo sponsored Million Women Mentors-Ei Mentor program. Mentee Peggy Gionta, CEO, Partner's Consulting, Inc. shares, "I am thankful for MWM-Ei; in just a few months, I have received access to financial, business and leadership coaching and mentoring in areas that I would not have otherwise had. This program is helping me focus on growing my business. It's working! We closed more deals in the month of May, 2018 than we have ever closed in any month prior!" Mentorship relationships make a difference.

Regina O. Heyward, senior vice president and Head of Supplier Diversity from Wells Fargo, shared, "Wells Fargo is committed to developing strong women entrepreneurs in STEM. We've partnered with MWM-Ei because we fundamentally believe that women-owned business can help corporations create and capture value. In 2017, Wells Fargo spent $337 million women-owned businesses. In addition, we invest more than $1 million a year funding diverse business development programs like MWM-Ei, which help diverse business owners build capacity and gain access to networks that they need to grow."

Mentee Meena Krishnan, CEO, Inoventures, stated, "Thanks to MWM and Wells Fargo for offering this one of a kind program to growing companies like Inoventures! I'm truly honored to be a part, excited to drive my company growth with opportunities. Thanks to the program, I'm so fortunate to attend Dartmouth Tuck Business School's Leadership Program specifically designed to help our growth. Thank you Wells Fargo and MWM for your leadership!"

Mentor Gloria Bohan, CEO, Omega Travel, shared, "I am so proud of our OMEGA team effort to be engaged with our MWM-Ei mentee, Tamara Nall, CEO of The LEADING NICHE Enterprises; we are having different Omega leaders engage in mentoring her, and we are submitting government bids with her company. This MWM-Ei Mentor Program is unique and impactful." Mentees and Mentors: Theresa Harrison, and Mentor Dr. Gloria B. Herndon; Rashi Khosla, and Mentor Roz Alford; Alka Dhillon, and Mentor Edie Fraser; Meena Krishnan, and Mentor, Sheila Boyington. Prema Patil, and Mentor Terese Taylor; Tamara Nall, and Mentor Gloria Bohan; Peggy Gionta, and Mentor Monica Smiley.

The MWM-Ei program was officially launched October 2017 at the MWM Summit. The first class for Ei Mentor/Mentees began, February 2018. Million Women Mentors (MWM) has gained 2.3 million commitments for mentorship; and fulfilled more than 1.1 million mentor matches. Wells Fargo & Company is a diversified, community-based financial services company with $1.9 trillion in assets. Wells Fargo's vision is to satisfy customers' financial needs and help them succeed financially.