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Top 25 Women In Power Impacting Diversity

2013 Women in Power

Bring Innovation to Transforming Industries

The 2013 Women in Power represent the new leadership in industries undergoing radical transformation. They play critical roles in companies adapting to a rapidly changing business environment, in which diversity, innovation, and creativity are the keys to success. The talented women, holding a variety of positions in human resources and procurement, bring experience, knowledge, and technical abilities to their jobs. However, they are recognized as Women in Power because of the way they use those abilities to bring diversity into organizations. Experience and talent alone is not enough to earn recognition as one of the Women in Power. The women must be able to use that talent and experience in a way that advances diversity in their respective organizations and communities.

The last five years have been difficult for many industries. One of the most noticeable characteristics of this year’s honourees is that they work in some of the industries that have undergone the most change and experienced the most challenges. It is not a coincidence that the Women in Power were called upon to help their organizations manage the tremendous change their companies experienced and are still experiencing. Their transformational leadership was instrumental in helping companies in highly competitive industries adapt to globalization and increased competition triggered by technology.

As the ability to connect diversity directly to enhanced business performance through metrics is refined, it becomes increasingly clear that innovation and creativity is propelled by diverse workforces and supply chains. As companies struggle to rapidly improve competitiveness in a diverse marketplace, they have turned to professionals like the Women in Power Impacting Diversity. Traditional business models are no longer sufficient for maintaining profitability because consumers expect the companies they do business with to reflect their communities. Companies operating in industries like technology, energy, and health have had to deal with changing business models, marketing strategies, shifting supply chains, and savvier customers. In some cases, the women are working in industries that have not traditionally attracted women and minorities, making their results even more dramatic. For example, some of the professionals are designing strategies to attract diverse suppliers to the auto, aeronautics, insurance, and airlines industries.

The 25 Women in Power are in the thick of the change process because that is exactly where they want to be. There is a good chance that they would be quite bored working for companies that are not transforming and adapting. The diversity initiatives designed, implemented, and managed by the supplier diversity and human resources managers reflect an acute awareness of the need for improved communication between the marketplace and businesses, and enhanced opportunities for diverse suppliers to come to the table with their value propositions. However, to let the diverse community know the opportunities exist requires action and to convince internal managers of the importance of diversity requires leadership.

As you read through the descriptions of the Women in Power, take special notice of the variety of companies they work in and the creative approaches they developed to advance diversity. For example, a couple of the executives have promoted supplier diversity by leveraging business activities like construction of new retail pharmacies or major projects in an auto company. They have developed targeted marketing campaigns, promoted innovative product experimentation, developed unique branding opportunities, and much more.

Each of the stories is unique, and each should be read carefully. This year, the 25 Women in Power offer a particularly varied group of ideas, perspectives, and approaches to diversity that can be used in other companies. The women are dedicated, passionate, and determined to help their companies succeed through diversity and inclusion. They do what it takes to get the message across, often exhibiting incredible patience as they bring managers on board one by one. If there is a common message to be found, it is that diversity initiatives will only succeed if everyone in the organization works as a team. The Women in Power believe in the power of diversity, and we are fortunate that they are willing to share their knowledge and experience. Anyone interested in getting more information will find the professionals more than willing to help. All you have to do is ask.

Top 25 Women In Power Impacting Diversity

Claire P. Scanlon Name Claire P. Scanlon   MonetteKnapik Name MonetteKnapik
Designation President and Manager of the Supplier Development Program, Designation Director of Strategic Procurement,
Company BNY Mellon Company CVS Caremark.

Cyndi Hopkins Name Cyndi Hopkins   Karmetria Dunham Burton Name Karmetria Dunham Burton
Designation Director, Global Supplier Diversity, Designation General Manager Strategic Programs – Supply Chain Management,
Company Dell. Company Delta.

Cheryl-Stevens-2327 Name Cheryl Stevens   Carla Traci Preston Name Carla Traci Preston
Designation Vice President, Designation Director of Supplier Diversity Development,
Company Energy Future Holdings Company Ford Motor Company

Grace Lieblein Name Grace Lieblein   Nicole Peterson Name Nicole Peterson
Designation President, Global Purchasing and Supply Chain, Designation Sr. Director, Supplier Diversity,
Company General Motors. Company Home Depot

Saunjah Powell-Pointer Name Saunjah Powell-Pointer   Jocelyn “Joy” Wong Name Jocelyn “Joy” Wong
Designation Associate Director, Supplier Diversity, Designation Corporate Vice President,
Company Merck Company New York Life Insurance

Anne-Marie Richards Name Anne-Marie Richards   Joyce Christanio Name Joyce Christanio
Designation Merchant Assistant, Supply Chain Diversity, Designation Manager, Supplier Diversity,
Company  Office Depot Company Sprint

Terrez Marriott Thompson Name Terrez Marriott Thompson   Jamie Crump Name Jamie Crump
Designation Vice President, Global Supplier Diversity, Designation Director, Strategic Sourcing & Supplier Diversity,
Company The Coca-Cola Company Company United Rentals

Arnice M. Lamb Name Arnice M. Lamb   Brenda L. Burke Name Brenda L. Burke
Designation Manager, Supplier Diversity and Sustainability, Designation Director of Supplier Diversity, Nationwide,
Company Walt Disney. Company WellPoint, Inc.

JinusMoghbeli Name JinusMoghbeli   Sandra Wicker Name Sandra Wicker
Designation Supplier Diversity Liaison Officer, Designation Exchange Supplier Diversity Manager
Company Amgen Company Army and Air Force Exchange Service

Patricia Rossman Name Patricia Rossman   Molly Larsen Name Molly Larsen
Designation Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer and HR Communications, Designation Supplier Diversity, Sr. Manager,
Company BASF North America Company Best Buy

Regina Edwards Name Regina Edwards   Susan Stith Name Susan Stith
Designation Director, Global Procurement, Designation Senior Director, Diversity Officer,
Company Capital One Company Express Scripts.

Nancy H. Deskins Name Nancy H. Deskins   Christine Simmons Name Christine Simmons
Designation Director, Category Management & Supplier Diversity, Designation Director, Supplier Diversity,
Company Lockheed Martin. Company NBC Universal

Janice B. Williams-Hopkins Name Janice B. Williams-Hopkins    
Designation Program Manager Supplier Diversity,    
Company United States Post Office    

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