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Ad Agency to Launch Multicultural-Focused Aggregate Site


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Adrenalina, a leading multicultural advertising and marketing agency is mounting a next-generation multicultural micro site aimed at unleashing the power and influence of U.S. Hispanic and African Americans.

TheCountThatCounts.com site serves to buoy the GetAdrenalina.com portal with Web 2.0 strategic insights while widening the discussion about the impending 2010 U.S. Census beyond a numbers story. It will include an examination of the cultural cues, trends and conversations that shape the attitudes of African Americans and Hispanics.

"The numbers alone no longer define the marketplace," said president, chief ideas officer and managing partner Manuel Wernicky. "The significant population shift expected to occur among minority groups by 2042 is the start of a powerful movement and transformation of multicultural consumers as the new mainstream."

The site provides a venue for Latinos, African Americans and others to further the conversation about the nation's transformation. The site is also considered a media channel for users to voice their thoughts and perspective on the cultural shift in the U.S. population.

"We've embarked on these efforts to help generate, share and perpetuate a better understanding of people of color," Wernicky said. "We think the time is now to expand the discussion about the changing face of America using social media and the Web to initiate an online destination for discourse, social examination and the development of strategic initiatives that help build cultural movements."

Census projections predict that by 2042 Hispanics, African Americans and other people of color will comprise the nation's collective majority.

The site features four main sections, including a newsfeed section offering relevant content about multicultural issues, trends and info culled from CNN, the the Pew Hispanic Center and the Center for Immigration Studies.

A section devoted to Twitter will aggregate tweets about conversations, trends about the multicultural marketplace, Hispanics, African Americans and other people of color.

The site will also showcase press clips that highlight news and features about the innovation, creativity and strategy behind Adrenalina, while a dedicated YouTube channel will broadcast videos that underscore the significance of an emerging multicultural mainstream.

With the rollout of the diversity-themed site, Adrenalina becomes the first ad shop in the multicultural market to develop and mount client services offering insights that extend beyond traditional consumer experiences.

"Looking to 2010 and beyond, marketers seeking to connect their brands with consumers must step up their strategies and shift to speaking 'in cultures not in languages,'" said Wernicky. "Marketers should think of the census as a tool for marketing to a collective of multicultural consumers. The future is no longer about selling independently to diverse members of the whole."

For more than a year, Adrenalina has boosted its client services and carved out its expertise as an ad shop that doesn't make ads, but creates emotions in anticipation of an expected growth surge by 2050 when Hispanics, already the nation's largest minority, are projected to account for 30 percent, or one in six, Americans, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.


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